A message from an Expat.

Hi everyone,

To say our messages have gone wild today would be an understatement. Due to the smart traveller warning and the Australian media, many of you are concerned for us and we thank you and are truly appreciative of your thoughts.

We've been expats living in Bali now for 4 years. We have a home here, and a business, we have staff, and we have animals, these are all our responsibility. The decision to stay or go, hasn't been easy, and trust me we've wavered many times, but in the end we've had to weigh up everything.

We do understand the risk we're taking, and the sacrifices we're making.

Every day we are being sensible, and all we can do here in Bali is isolate ourselves and leave the house as little as possible. The same as we would do in Australia.

I'm absolutely sickened to see posts on some Bali pages, calling people like us “idiots” and to “wait till they get sick and die” or “they’ll be asking for our money soon”. Do these people not understand we are human? Do they not understand we have families who would read their stupid comments? Yes, we are scared, but contrary to what everyone thinks, we will do our best to stay healthy. We are grownups making the best possible choice for ourselves in the situation we’ve now found ourselves in. The Balinese governor is doing a good job of locking Bali down, each area is beginning to isolate itself.

You don't have to understand, and by all means, judge if you must, but please consider the ramifications of the words you post on social media. Consider the anxiety many people are feeling and how judgmental words could push someone over the edge.

The whole world is grappling with unprecedented times, be fucking kind for God's sake.

As I said, we appreciate every message and everyone's thoughts today and always. We do speak to our families daily, and we know this is hard for them too. But I don’t want them to be even more frightened by someone else’s inconsiderate conclusion.

All I'm asking is to consider the person you're writing about when making a comment on social media or anywhere. Live your life, look after your own and allow everyone else to do the same.

Peace, love and light.

Jo x

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