Welcome to My Island Life 


We're all told, “live life to the fullest."

Well... I hope to do just that!


I'll share my passion for writing and blogging

and explain how living life away

from home and family on the island of Bali really is.

Life's too short to not enjoy everyday so I hope

to inspire you with all things that inspire me in this crazy world.

You'll find expat tales, everyday musings and my

Bali travel tips and reviews all in The Blog.

 For those who like to escape with a good book, be sure to read

my sexy romanceor as I've been told to call it; #ladyporn! 

Looking for the latest tropical trends?

Then check out the Millikmu shop section.

Millikmu means 'yours ' ... so you too can live an "Island Life"

Live, Laugh, Love.

Jo x

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